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Kevan Manwaring

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Ballad Tales

This anthology, edited by Kevan Manwaring, brings together nineteen original retellings of traditional ballads in short story form, written by some of the country’s most accomplished storytellers, singers and wordsmiths.

Northamptonshire Folk Tales

Take a walk through this county in the heart of England in the entertaining company of a local storyteller. Kevan Manwaring, born and raised in Northampton, regales you with tales ancient and modern.

Oxfordshire Folk Tales

This collection will take you on an oral tour across the county of Oxfordshire – on the way you’ll meet gypsies, highwaymen, cavaliers, a prime minister and a devilish mason.

The Burning Path (Windsmith Elegy Vol. IV)

Three strangers meet in a nameless desert and must come to terms with their past before they can escape it: a First World War airman; an American aviatrix of the Thirties; and a French poet of the skies from the Second World War.

They are the lost of history and must go into the desert to find themselves. To find peace they must walk the burning path. Each is forced to confront the question: What are you prepared to sacrifice for the one you love?

The Long Woman (The Windsmith Elegy Vol. I)

An antiquarian’s widow discovers her husband’s lost journals and sets out on a journey of remembrance across 1920s England and France, retracing his steps in search of healing and independence.

The Long Woman is an exploration of the sacred landscapes of the past and the secret landscapes of the soul.

Dare you walk between the worlds?

The Well Under the Sea (Windsmith Elegy Vol. III)

In a race against time Kerne and Earhart have to try and stop the exiled priestess, Aveldra, ‘Whirlwind’, from exacting her vengeance upon the Nine, as the island is split apart by conflict. And who are the sinister Agents of Discord, who corrupt men’s hearts, rotting the core of paradise?

This Fearful Tempest (Windsmith Elegy Vol. V)

The spirit of the Battle of Britain is kindled as the fate of a kingdom is fought for in the air between Spitfires and fire-breathing dragons. In the hour of his country’s greatest need, a King returns – fulfilling an ancient prophecy – but is too late? The lost of history clash in this epic finale of The Windsmith Elegy.

Windsmith (The Windsmith Elegy Vol. II)

A man of peace in a time of war, Isambard Kerne must choose between the power of words or swords. The fate of both Earth and its Shadow hangs in the balance. Will he be able to master the Way of the Windsmith in time to save the valley of his ancestors? Or will the terror of war change Kerne into what he fears the most?    


Book of the Bardic Chair

This book explains the background of Bardic Chairs, lists all the current ones on record, and explains how to set one up. If you ever wondered what a bard is and why they are as relevant as ever this book will enlighten and inspire.

Desiring Dragons: creativity, imagination and the writer’s quest

This book seeks to examine why this might be and why so many are tempted to write Fantasy fiction. Tolkien suggested how ‘consolation’ is an important criteria of the Fairy Tale: we look at how writing Fantasy can be consoling in itself, as well as a portal to Fantastic Realms for the reader.

Lost Islands: inventing Avalon, destroying Eden

In this adventurous odyssey we will chart this metaphysical archipelago, drawing upon philosophy, folklore, literature and myth. Join us on this wonder voyage to these alluring and elusive isles, where healing, inspiration and a perspective upon the vulnerability of our own present civilisation can be gleaned. The myths of inundations are more poignant today than ever, in an era of climate change and global uncertainty.

The Bardic Handbook

This complete manual for the Twenty-First-Century Bard contains all you need to know to start you on the Bardic Path.  Here you will find inspiration and instruction, whether you want to dedicate yourself to the Way of Awen, or simply wish to improve your public-speaking skills and be able to express yourself with confidence.

The Way of Awen

Awaken the bard within in this inspiring journey into your creative potential.
Expanding upon the foundation of The Bardic Handbook, this volume explores the transformations the bardic initiate must go through to become a fully-fledged Bard.

Turning the Wheel: seasonal Britain on two wheels

On two wheels and 900cc across Britain, Bard on a Bike Kevan Manwaring endeavours to search out the places and people who mark the seasons and cycles in their own special way – in rituals, ceremonies and festivals both private and public, large and intimate, ancient and modern.


Silver Branch

What does it mean to write and perform bardic poetry in the twenty-first century? This monumental collection, from the author of The Bardic Handbook and The Way of Awen, brings together 25 years of selected verse to explore that challenge.

Soul of the Earth

Contributor: ‘Breaking Light’  pg 68 – 76

Soul of the Earth is an anthology of poetry to inspire hope in humanity. Beautifully crafted, yet challenging received wisdom and pushing boundaries, these are cutting-edge poems from a new generation of writers who share a love of the Earth and haven’t given up on humans either.

Spring Fall: The Story of Sulis & Bladud of Bath

An epic poem cycle relating in colloquy the sacred marriage of Bladud, legendary winged king of Bath (father of King Lear) & Sulis, goddess of the springs.

The Immanent Moment: Poems for Now

Foreword by Jay Ramsey

The Immanent Moment looks at the little epiphanies of life, moments of lucid awareness and personal revelation. Each poem captures these fleeting pulses of consciousness in sinuous, euphonic language.


Art quality limited edition.

These two poems explore the negotiable territories of the human and the animal, and what happens when the two meet.