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Lost Islands:

inventing Avalon, destroying Eden

Kevan Manwaring

'It really is a remarkable, indeed a unique, piece of work: a mixture of poetry, history, mythology and topography that gives a full meaning to the concept of a literary celebration.' Ronald Hutton

Otherworldly islands haunt the imagination of the West. From Atlantis to Ys, the peoples of the Atlantic seaboard have dreamt of, searched for, journeyed to and lost several distinctive kingdoms of the sea – all ‘into the West’, where the sun sets and where the soul is said to go at death. Are they a collective dreaming of a real place, or mere salty yarns spun by ancient mariners? In this adventurous odyssey we will chart this metaphysical archipelago, drawing upon philosophy, folklore, literature and myth. Join us on this wonder voyage to these alluring and elusive isles, where healing, inspiration and a perspective upon the vulnerability of our own present civilisation can be gleaned. The myths of inundations are more poignant today than ever, in an era of climate change and global uncertainty. How permanent our own ‘island states’? Can we ever hope to attain such paradises or are they ultimately within ourselves – states of consciousness and enlightenment to aspire to and fall from?

‘Your Lost Islands book is always intelligent, always interesting, always erudite. I enjoyed reading it immensely.’ Moyra Caldecott.

‘A fascinating and originally executed study of myth and folklore with a strong message that deserves to be read. Highly recommended.’ Merry Meet, Summer 2008

‘This is an interesting study of humankind’s love affair with islands, real, mythical and imaginary...Highly recommended.’
The Cauldron no.129

'A timely popular study of the mythology and contemporary environmental reality of disappearing islands’  Anthony Nanson, Storytelling & Ecology

'Bard and self-confessed 'island-hopper' Kevan Manwaring should have a ready audience for this intriguing book, crammed as it is with 'island stuff drawn from every corner of philosophy... This fascinating book is truly 'an adventurous Odyssey charting this metaphysical archipelago.'
Avalon Magazine, Summer 2008

Here is another interesting book from the author, teacher, bard and practising storyteller, Kevan Manwaring… Lost Islands is an extremely fascinating and interesting book, which I feel would appeal to the majority of readers of F&F [Facts & Fiction storytelling magazine] as the author relies heavily on storytellers to direct and frame his writing…As with Kevan Manwaring’s other books, this is written in a very ‘readable’ style and provides much to think about. There is an extensive bibliography to help with any further investigations by the reader.  …I am not a storyteller but I would have thought that this book would also be appreciated by people who do enjoy storytelling and hearing stories about them. I found it informative, thought provoking and enjoyable read and would have no hesitation in recommending it to Facts and Ficton readers...
Alan Wykes, Facts and Fiction Summer 2008

Lost Islands: inventing Avalon, destroying Eden by Kevan Manwaring, published by Heart of Albion Press (www.hoap.co.uk)

£14.95  ISBN:978-1-905646-07-4


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