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Kevan Manwaring

Author - Mentor - Guide


Explore the charming Warwickshire town of Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace and final resting place of the ‘sweet Swan of Avon’, William Shakespeare (1564-1616), poet, actor, and the world’s greatest playwright.


Guided by a modern day bard (storyteller, poet, singer, wordsmith), you’ll be guided in an entertaining fashion to Shakespeare’s birthplace, school, family home, and grave. You’ll also be shown the lovely Elizabethan houses lived in by Shakespeare’s children, the river Avon and the home of the Royal Shakespeare Company. With a focus on stories more than dusty dates and a unique insight into the role of the bard, by the end of this tour you’ll have a good overview of the town – with tempting options awaiting for you to explore in your own time. Be prepared for the unexpected – amusing detours and embellishments – as inspiration may strike at any minute!