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Cafe of Ideas story panel Bristol October 2009


'The richness your talents and your evident love of the power of narrative certainly came through in your illuminating comments and I learned loads from you.'   John Kirwan, business guru

'Thank you for the best weekend ever!' Way of Awen participant, Wales April 2010

'I wish it never ended,' participant of Writing Jane, Jane Austen Festival workshop, 2009

'We should make this workshop compulsory because it's fantastic!' Italian EFL student, Udine, NE Italy 2009

‘an exceptional teacher... I think we were extremely lucky to have had your services for a year."
Imperial College, London

'You've been very affirming...You've made me realise what a vivid imagination I have...Thank you, I know where to start.'  'Unlocking the Imagination' workshop, Kensington Olympia

‘They all appreciate the start you gave them in your Creative Writing Group and all have had work published for payment.' John Haywood, ex-student and member of the Timsbury Scribblers

'Your impromptu narrative of the shiny knight of hope – Nicholas Cage – come to bring light to dazzle away the darkness of the evil demon ‘Recession’ was a tour de force!' Cafe of Ideas

 'I've gone from strength to strength since. Still working quietly on the fiction, but my first book on working with nature spirits is going to be published by Wooden Books in December! Danu, Glastonbury

'Very informative, enjoyable and easy to follow.' Colin, Great Western Writers workshop, Bristol 

'Very professional, well-structured, refreshing style' Jon Attwood, creative writing student 

'Inspirational teaching. Extremely well-organised.'Jenny Quinn, creative writing student

'A shamanic insight into things' Sally Baker, Writing the Land student

'Just to thank you again for a really enjoyable evening - very stimulating and like the way you structured the evening with your storytelling - superb - with the opportunity for us to participate and put the theory into practice… I've benefitted from the contact.  Thank you for sharing your skills so beautifully.' Alison, bardic workshop student

 'I really enjoyed meeting you on the weekend and wanted to thank you for entertaining us so well in the roundhouse (what a bonus!), you have a really gentle way about you which I really like. You did a really great job as host at the Eisteddfod, I really like the way you mixed the old and the new drawing everyone in.'Flag Fen '08, Deborah Holman

'It really is a remarkable, indeed a unique, piece of work: a mixture of poetry, history, mythology and topography that gives a full meaning to the concept of a literary celebration.'
Professor Ronald Hutton, on Lost Islands


'...found your course in Skyros both exciting and inspiring. I learnt a great deal about the craft of writing poetry and also writing from life. I found you a truly dedicated and commited teacher who was both enthusiastic and inspiring.' 

'Kevan is an excellent teacher. Very knowledgeable, constructive comments, good group discussions.'

'Kevan was very easy to understand as a beginner. The course flowed very well. Very approachable and friendly.'

'Kevan knew what he was talking about and is a very good communicator. He gave insightful, very helpful feedback and left us with a great writers' toolkit.'

'Lovely manner - professional, aiming high but gentle manner.'
'I thoroughy enjoyed the course and 3 hrs each day was just enough to keep the attention without going into overload.  I found each session full of inspiring ideas and you certainly got my imagination going as far as memories to capture and put into characters for future stories.  I have been jotting down ideas every where I go now and might try abit of a comedy, may be a touch of Victoria Wood next. I also found you very approachable and down to earth...Truly inspiring and I will be looking to join more of your teaching groups...'



Brilliant course! All I'd hope for, and more.

Lots of very useful information, ideas, techniques, skills, advice that I feel will keep me going for a long time.

I came not knowing if I had a novel in me, or how to begin to explore it. I leave with a fairly clear structure, the skeleton of a story, and two chapters in rough draft, so I am very happy with that!

...I found your teaching style inspiring, practical, accessible, informative and the course felt well-structured. I appreciate your clarity of boundaries, how you held us on course content, keeping on task whilst also giving us just enough space to share and question. Thank you!


I just wanted to let you know, since it's started to sink in 'good and proper', how much I not only enjoyed the course, but how well I thought it was constructed and structured. I'm sure you've been lauded many times in the past, but I feel I should add to that heap of plaudits. The information and insights shared by you were both enjoyable and felt extremely helpful.

I'm writing daily. Thank you for the inspiration.


Creative Writing Sub Rooms 23 July 2011 Feedback

I loved this, calm, informative approach. Very inspirational.

Fabulous day thank you. Very light touch disguising excellent facilitation and teaching. Inspiring and informative. Created safe atmosphere very quickly.

Great, thanks for getting me started again.










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