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Kevan Manwaring

Author - Mentor - Guide

The Immanent Moment: Poems for Now

Published by Awen Publications, 2010


Foreword by Jay Ramsey


The sound of snow falling on a Somerset hillside, the evanescence of a water spout on a remote Scottish island, the invisible view from a Welsh mountain, the light on the Grand Canal in Venice, chasing the sunset on a motor-bike…


The Immanent Moment looks at the little epiphanies of life, moments of lucid awareness and personal revelation. Each poem captures these fleeting pulses of consciousness in sinuous, euphonic language.  A meditation on time, mortality, transience, and place, this collection is also ultimately life-affirming, with poems celebrating both the beauty of the natural and the man-made, the familiar and the exotic, and the interstices and intimacy of love. With humour and humanity, these poems gently encourage the reader to be fully alive in the miracle of each waking moment.