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Kevan Manwaring

Author - Mentor - Guide

The Long Woman (The Windsmith Elegy Vol. I)

Published by Awen Publications, 1st ed. 2004 / 2nd ed 2016


An antiquarian’s widow discovers her husband’s lost journals and sets out on a journey of remembrance across 1920s England and France, retracing his steps in search of healing and independence. Along alignments of place and memory she meets mystic Dion Fortune, leyline-pioneer Alfred Watkins and a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle obsessed with the Cottingley Fairies. From Glastonbury to Carnac, she visits the ancient sites that obsessed her husband and, tested by both earthly and unearthly forces, she discovers a power within herself.

The Long Woman is an exploration of the sacred landscapes of the past and the secret landscapes of the soul.

Dare you walk between the worlds?