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Kevan Manwaring

Author - Mentor - Guide

The Way of Awen

Published by O Books, 2010


Awaken the bard within in this inspiring journey into your creative potential.


Expanding upon the foundation of The Bardic Handbook, this volume explores the transformations the bardic initiate must go through to become a fully-fledged Bard. This originally took 12 years of study in the Bardic Colleges – but communities need bards right now, bringing healing and hope with their words and music and so the training process is accelerated over 12 months, echoing the 12 years of Taliesin’s journey from Gwion Bach to the Shining Brow. Focusing on the shape-changing between Ceridwen and her quarry, we will examine in detail each one of these stages of consciousness and bardic development — using them as metaphors for the stages of evolution from Anruth to Bard. Each is accompanied by an original poem from The Taliesin Soliquies. Extracts from the author’s notebooks and journals over 20 years illustrate his own journey – showing how this ancient wisdom has been gleaned and validated by powerful personal experience. The Way of Awen is a way of living creatively.