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 This Fearful Tempest

This Fearful Tempest by Kevan Manwaring front cover by Steve Hambidge


Save your country, or save yourself. You decide...

Kerne and Earhart reach Hyperborea, the Land Beyond the North Wind, where the windsmith must master the secret of the Bora if he is to escape Shadow-World – but first he must save it. In an alternative 1940s Great Britain, Kerne is confronted by a dystopian version of his precious homeland – laid waste by prejudice, pollution, and fear. The country is ruled by the fascist army of the White Dragon. Kerne must undertake a perilous journey into the far north to become Hyperion, Lord of the Winds, if he is to defeat Aveldra and the Agents of Discord once and for all. The spirit of the Battle of Britain is kindled as the fate of a kingdom is fought for in the air between Spitfires and fire-breathing dragons. In the hour of his country’s greatest need, a King returns – fulfilling an ancient prophecy – but is too late? The lost of history clash in this epic finale of The Windsmith Elegy.

The Windsmith Elegy volume V

ISBN-10: 1906900353

  • ISBN-13: 978-1906900359





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