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 The Windsmith Elegy Vol. III


The Well Under the Sea

A  Windsmith novel by Kevan Manwaring

Imagine an island at the crossroads of time where lost souls find each other…

Isambard Kerne, Edwardian antiquarian and First World War observer, who went missing in action at the Battle of Mons, finding himself in the Afterlands of his Celtic ancestors, has begun the Way of the Windsmith – the path he must take to find his way back home, for he is a man alive in the world of the dead.

Having learnt the secrets of Eurus, god of the East Wind, Kerne must sail into the west, to HyperZephyrus, the Land Beyond the West Wind. With the help of a mysterious boatman called Barinthus, he finally makes it to the fabled Island of the Blessed, Ashalantë, a city in the sea crafted by dreams, where the vision of Plato, Da Vinci, Brunel and others have come to life. Here he has to endure the Circle of Truth and embrace the shadow of his past. He meets Amelia Earhart, legendary American aviatrix of the Thirties, who is assigned to him as his angel to instruct him in the art of flying. As they climb higher they find themselves falling in love, but Priestesses of the Spiral are forbidden to do so. If Earhart breaks her vows, it could shatter the fellowship of the Nine Sisters, and cause the downfall of Ashalantë. Torn between duty and desire, Kerne and Earhart find themselves embroiled in a tragic chain of events that threaten to bring about the destruction of not only this otherworldly paradise, but its shadow: Earth.

In a race against time Kerne and Earhart have to try and stop the exiled priestess, Aveldra, ‘Whirlwind’, from exacting her vengeance upon the Nine, as the island is split apart by conflict. And who are the sinister Agents of Discord, who corrupt men’s hearts, rotting the core of paradise?

Be swept away by this tale of love and inundation, the thrilling new instalment of ‘The Windsmith Odyssey’ – the multi-dimensional epic from a magical storyteller.

‘...for some reason I am reminded of Lindsey's Voyage to Arcturus. Not in content or motifs or imagery, but in the overall feeling. This is a good thing, of course, as it sets the book in a particular realm of imaginative art that is neither science-fiction nor neo-Celtic. The Celtic motifs are used in a very original manner, much superior to the many dreary pot-boiling "Celtic fantasy" novels that are already out there. So the book has great strength and originality.’

RJ Stewart

‘...the book builds up to a crescendo and is totally gripping in the end. It is love story dealing with the devastating effects of forbidden love, and the destruction caused by the vengeance of a diseased soul.’

Moyra Caldecott

‘I love the way you weave so many different elements of myth, imagination and real world stuff into your setting - it makes the backdrops seems very resonant and familiar, and other at the same time.’

Brynneth N Colvin, author

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Available from Awen Publications or amazon.com

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