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Kevan Manwaring

Author - Mentor - Guide

Windsmith (The Windsmith Elegy Vol. II)

Published by Awen Publications, 1st ed. 2006 / 2nd ed. 2016


After being sucked through a portal in No Man’s Land during the First World War Battle of Mons, Royal Flying Corps observer Kerne finds himself in another world, fighting for his life against his unpredictable pilot – Madoc, who has become the Iron King. Modern weapons of war have been introduced to the Bronze Age realm of the ancestors with devastating results. Kerne must learn the ways of the Windsmith, a magician of sacred sound who can summon winds, with the help of Merlin, his feathered guide, if he is to stop his power-mad companion. The power of words is set against the power of swords in a deadly battle for control of Shadow World, Earth’s symbiotic twin. War comes to the land of the dead, and only one of the airmen can live if both worlds are not to be torn apart by their anomalous presence.

A man of peace in a time of war, Isambard Kerne must choose between the power of words or swords. The fate of both Earth and its Shadow hangs in the balance. Will he be able to master the Way of the Windsmith in time to save the valley of his ancestors? Or will the terror of war change Kerne into what he fears the most?